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Marble Polishing


Our, dust free, restoration and marble polishing process begins with first assessing your stone surfaces to determine what diamond grit processes are required.


Using manufactured diamond abrasives bonded in a resin pad to sand the marble, we are able to remove scratches, etch marks and light surface staining. Then using progressively finer diamonds we start to bring the luster back to your stone. By sanding the floor to remove damages it also creates greater clarity and definition to the stones reflection.


After the diamond sanding process, the marble is polished using a polishing compound to bring out the luster of the stone.


Sure, you can skip the sanding part and go straight to the marble polishing, but that also means you've skipped the damage removal part. Your stone will be shiny, but it will still be scratched, so you will have shiny scratches and a less defined reflection in your stone.


A typical restoration process only removes about 0.1mm of material from the floor (about the thickness of a sheet of paper). So there is no need to worry about us sanding through your stone.


The marble restoration and polishing process also helps to clean your grout, giving even greater consistency to the aesthetic of your stone.

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